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Here are a few photos I took on a my a visit to Verdun on 12-13 March. The weather was changeable in the extreme, alternating between snow storms and sun. Verdun is a place of memory, history, tragedy, and natural beauty.

1. Ft Douaumont in the snow

2. Turret, Ft. Douaumont

F3. Ft. Douaumont, front.

4. Commanding view from Douaumont.

5. View from Douaumont.

6. Ft. Vaux, as seen from Douaumont.

7. Casemate at Ft. Vaux

8. Destroyed turret, Ft. Vaux.

9. Flag, Ft. Vaux

10. Casemate, Ft, Vaux

11. Fleury

12. Shell holes, Fleury.

13. Oussaire.

14. Shell holes, Ouvrage de Thiaumont.

15. Ouvrage de Froideterre.


16. Memorial, le mort homme.

17. Memorial, cote 304.


Some more views, Verdun.

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